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Where Should I Place My Air Purifying Bag?

Do you have pets in your home? Has the odor of the kitty litter become unbearable? Or, are you a smoker, and your families are starting to complain that your car smells like an ashtray? Then, you should probably consider using an air purifying bag.


What is an air purifying bag?

An air purifying bag is made of organic bamboo charcoal and nothing else. That’s right, it only consists of one substance; bamboo charcoal. They are a natural remedy for removing odors and bacteria, unlike conventional air fresheners which often contain dangerous chemicals. So, it is perfectly safe for daily usage, even around pets and children.


How does it work?

The way it works is really straightforward. Simply hang the bag in your desired place, and voila. As easy as that. After all, it is a bag. You may not notice the result right away, but within a few short hours, the area will be fresh, dry, and odor-free.

Which are the best places to put air purifying bags?

Since it comes in a variety of different sizes, from small to large, you can put it everywhere you like. However, the following are the best places that you should use air purifying bags:

1. The Bathroom

This is especially true if you have little kids who are just starting their potty training, or if you eat a lot of spicy Mexican foods. The bathroom can be filled with filthy, unpleasant odors, and so it is best to have a device that helps eliminate said unpleasant odors. The answer is: use an air purifying bag! (psst, it also absorbs moisture!)

2. The Bedroom

The bedroom can also be filled with weird odors, particularly a baby’s room. Nasty diaper smells, dried milk residue, you name it. So, we also recommend using an air purifying bag in your bedroom! After all, breathing fresh, dry, odorless air definitely would help you to have a good night’s sleep.

3. The kitchen

What is the number one contributor of odors, you might ask? Well, it’s food! While it is true that food often smells good and appetizing, surely the combined odors of different styles of food that was cooked in your kitchen may grow unpleasant over time. Again, to eliminate these odors, it is best to use an air purifying bag. Now, your kitchen smells fresh and pleasant!

4. Cars

Cars are a small enclosed space, which is the best place that odor might build up. From dinner take-outs, post-workout body odors, or constant smoking, and without a proper circulation (since most car users have their windows closed and air conditioner on), cars can be filled with smells that might even hurt your head.

Hence, for the comfort of the driver and the safety of the passengers, using an air purifying bag to help freshen the air inside your car is definitely the way to go.


5. Gym bags

Air purifying bags also come in a small size, so it can be stored inside a really tight space, such as a bag! Bag-ception much? But, jokes aside, your gym bags can be really smelly, even if you’re not a hardcore bodybuilder.

So, to make your life easier, it’s better to put a small air purifying bag inside your gym bags so the bag will stay fresh, even if it’s filled with clothes that were used in a 5-hour workout session.

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