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200g bamboo charcoal bag packaging air purifying activated
Material: Bamboo charcoal
Color: gray
Brand: FYD
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✅ THE PERFECT SIZE - The right amount for the essential areas in your home and car. All the areas that need to be odorless and particle free! Each bag is filled with 200 grams of Charcoal which covers all the basic needs for air purifying to be effective. The size of each bag is not overwhelming and doesn't take up a large area. They are easy to hide and also still large enough to use as a decorative. We've done our homework.

✅ LARGE, POROUS, EFFECTIVE CHARCOAL PIECES - Through our special formulated Activated Bamboo Charcoal, the many micropores act as a sponge to attract and absorb air particles. We realize the importance of larger pieces of Charcoal than our competitors. It creates more surface area for micropores, resulting in more effective air purifying.

✅ NATURALLY REMOVES ODORS - When the air flows through the Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag it will simply trap odors and particles within the air. These particles get trapped in the micropores of the Charcoal until it is put back in the sun for a recharge. The result is fresh and easy breathe air.

✅ STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL MONEY SAVER - Not only are they eye catching and a great conversation piece, they can be used for almost anything including: Pet Rooms, Bathrooms, Shoe Closets, Gym Bags, Cars, Fridges, Garbage Bins. The list is endless. Say goodbye to air freshener sprays and car fresheners that are bad for your health, expensive, and non-reusable. This is a one time affordable purchase for up to 2 years of easy breathing.

✅ LONG LASTING FOR YEARS - Activate your Charcoal Air Purifying Bags by placing them under direct Sunlight for 2 hours, once per month. This rejuvenates and reactivates the large charcoal pieces so your Air Purifier bag is just like new! That's how easy it is.







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