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75g bamboo charcoal bag sewing machine pack air purifier purifying
Material: Bamboo charcoal
Color: gray
Brand: FYD
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In search of a solution for cleaner and fresher air in closed spaces, we turned to nature and developed the powerful and unique air purifying bag. We combined activated charcoal (75%) with baking soda (25%). Charcoal purifies air and sucks up excess moisture. To help the charcoal along, we added baking soda, making the product second to none.

Forget about artificial air fresheners, our dual-action bags naturally – without fragrances or chemicals – absorb and remove unpleasant odors and harmful pollutants, leaving your rooms as fresh as can be. The bag is even a match for cigarette smoke, the smell of cat urine, and the odor of gym bags. They can be safely be used in kids’ rooms, around pets, and even in the refrigerator.

The green home collection offers five bags of varying sizes to suit all your needs. The possibilities are endless – use them in humid spaces, in cars, next to cat litter boxes, gym bags, or trash cans. The smaller and more discrete bags are perfect for lockers, shoes, drawers, and even handbags. We’ve also added strings, so you can easily hang them up in your favorite spot.

We’re all about being sustainable and environmental-friendly, which is why our air purifying bags are reusable, recyclable, washable, and made from 100% natural materials. The attractive decorative print on each bag is guaranteed to spruce up any room. Our bags can be used for up to two years. A real money saver! Feel like the bag has lost some of its magic? Just place it in the sunlight to rejuvenate the charcoal.

The green home collection team did their best to create a natural and effective product that looks out for your health and the environment. Still not sure? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. A final tip from our team – help the environment by dumping the bamboo charcoal into your pots once its stops working.





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