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75g bags for bamboo charcoal activated air purifying packaging
Material: Bamboo charcoal
Color: gray
Brand: FYD
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LIVE AN EXQUISITE LIFE: These odor absorbing charcoal air purifier bags are designed with the classic color combination of black, white, and grey that never goes out of style. Place these activated charcoal bags odor absorber anywhere at home, or use as car deodorizers, closet odor eliminator. These visually appealing air purifying bags inadvertently revealing the home owner's good taste and exquisite lifestyle.

MAGNIFICENT ADSORPTION PROPERTY GUARANTEED: Compared to other charcoal air fresheners for home on the market, we select premium bamboo plants that must have attained the 5-year maturity period, through strict control of raw materials and sophisticated manufacturing process, the finished bamboo charcoals are extremely porous. Higher adsorption rate and adsorption capacity of these bamboo air fresheners are guaranteed.

GAIN MAJOR BENEFIT OF BAMBOO CHARCOAL Odor Eliminator for House: Unlike other air fresheners which only cover unpleasant smells with fragrances. Bamboo charcoal room deodorizer for home absorb odors and moisture due to its porous structure. since these home air fresheners absorb odor instead of covering it, you are left with clean air. Place the charcoal air purifying bags in the sun once per month to rejuvenate, your Forestrue Living odor absorber bags are reusable for up to 2 years.

EFFORTLESS APPROACH TO CLEANER AIR: Use these bamboo charcoal bags as natural car air fresheners, closet air fresheners, smoke absorber for car, air freshener for home, pet odor absorbers, odor absorbers for home. Place these charcoal air freshener bags at your basement, bathroom, kitchen, fridge, closet, shoe cabinet, garage. These bamboo charcoal air purifying bags remove all nasty smells. Enjoy the clean air effortlessly.

WHAT YOU GET: 75g bamboo charcoal bag odor remover, 4 silver ribbons, welcome guide. Contact us if you have any questions, our customer support team are always ready to help.



竹炭的主要主要优点室内除臭剂:与其他空气清新剂不同的是,这些空气清新剂仅覆盖难闻的气味和芳香剂。竹炭居室除臭剂由于其多孔结构而吸收气味和水分。由于这些家用空气清新剂吸收气味而不是覆盖气味,因此您将获得洁净的空气。每月一次将木炭空气净化袋放在阳光下以使其恢复活力,您的Forestrue Living异味吸收剂袋可重复使用长达2年。




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