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bamboo charcoal bag  Natural Air Freshener Odor Eliminator for Pets Car Natural Air Purifier
Material: Bamboo charcoal
Color: Yellow
Brand: FYD
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✔ NON TOXIC FAMILY SAFE CHARCOAL AIR PURIFIER: Toss out all your other chemical-filled air freshners and odor eaters, these natural charcoal air purifying bags are all you need. They effectively clean and purify the air, so you’re always surrounded by a fresh, breathable environment

✔ VERSATILE USE IN MULTIPLE AREAS AT HOME: You can use them everywhere, odor eliminating will never be easier. Use the air purifying bags in your Car, Bathroom, Bedroom, Laundry Bag, Closet, Shoes, Gym Bag and more. Unwanted odors from smoke to smelly gym shoes will be a thing of the past! Our popular 3-Pack of 150 gram bags is suitable for all types of spaces!

✔ REMOVES UNWANTED PET ODORS: This is a Must Have, If you own a dog or cat then you are going to love these non-toxic air purifiers. They can remove odors caused by urine and fecal matter. You won’t believe how effective they are at eliminating odors from a smelly litter box

✔ ELIMINATES SMELLS CREATED BY MOISTURE: The air around you and anywhere the bags are deployed will smell fantastic, but that’s not all. These air purifying bags will capture, trap and filter air, helping to remove all odors, including moisture related content and smells

✔ DURABLE, REUSABLE and LONG LASTING: The eco-friendly odor neutralizers come in a durable burlap bag with a reinforced metal hole making them easy to hang. They’re reusable, and with proper care, they are effective for a two year period which saves you time and money! To rejuvenate place in direct sunlight for one hour at least once every month








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