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200g bamboo charcoal bags bamboo air purifying paper odor absorber customized packaging
Material: Bamboo charcoal
Color: Pink
Brand: FYD
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Natural Charcoal Odor Absorber-Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient-activated bamboo charcoal; The bamboo charcoal bags is continuously working to effectively absorb and remove odor , to clean and freshen the air.

Bamboo Charcoal Bags : Each bag has metal hanging ring and sealed inside a breathable linen bag that can work anytime and anywhere. According to the degree of smell, the amount of air freshener bags can be appropriately increased to speed up the adsorption rate and quickly eliminate odor and smoke. For example, the adsorption rate of 200 grams activated bamboo charcoal is four times faster than 50 grams. With the different packs to meet all your needs for purifying.

Perfect for Any Where- The incredibly powerful type of charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to clean the air and absorb the excess moisture; The bamboo charcoal neutralizes even stubborn smells such as those caused by smoke, pet urine, cat litterboxes, wet dogs, gym shoes and more.This makes bamboo charcoal to be the perfect air freshener and odor remover.

Reused Up to 2 years- These air freshener bags can be reused and recycable. To rejuvenate just place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about 2 hours. After 2 years you can recycle them in your garden soil and help your plants to absorb better.

KINDLY REMIND - When you get the parcel and before use it, please lay out under the direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours to activate the bamboo particles, It will more effective.

天然木炭气味吸收剂,由一种令人难以置信的强大天然成分-活化竹炭制成;竹炭袋持续有效吸收、去除异味,清洁、清新空气。竹炭包:每个包都有金属挂环,密封在一个透气的亚麻布包里,可以随时随地工作。根据气味的程度,可适当增加空气清新袋的用量,加快吸附速率,迅速消除异味和烟雾。例如,200克活性炭的吸附速率是50克活性炭的4倍。不同的包装,以满足您的所有净化需求。非常适合任何地方——这种功能强大的木炭有数百万个微小的毛孔和孔洞,它们一起清洁空气,吸收多余的水分;竹炭甚至可以中和由烟、宠物尿、猫砂盒、湿狗、运动鞋等引起的顽固气味。这使得竹炭成为最好的空气清新剂和除臭剂。可重复使用长达2年-这些空气清新袋可以重复使用和回收。为了恢复活力,每个月把袋子放在外面的太阳下晒大约2小时。两年后,你可以在你花园的土壤中回收它们,帮助你的植物更好地吸收。请注意:当您收到包裹后,在使用前,请在阳光直射下放置6 - 8小时,激活竹节微粒,效果更佳。



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